Moroccan journalist Ali Anouzla arrested for publishing a news report about AQMI video threatning morocco


Tuesday 17th of Septembre around 7 am dozens of policeman arrested the Moroccan journalist Ali Anouzla and the director of the local website lakome in his house and confiscates all computers in lakome’s offices because the last one has posted a video attributed to North Africa’s al-Qaida branch attacking the kingdom.

In fact, Ali Anouzla is one of the well known journalists in Morocco and the Arab world by his trenching criticism to the Moroccan monarchy and its surrounding. His articles inciting for more democracy and transparency were widely read and shared in social media. For this reason he was the subject of many troubles and harassments from Moroccan authorities by using different pretexts to annoy him. 

At this moment, Ali Anouzla is still under arrest in Casablanca with no contact with external world. His family and lawyer are not allowed to see him or talk to him. For the fear of being suited by anti terrorism law, Moroccan civil society and independent journalists are mobilizing public opinion to free Ali Anouzla who can risk 6 years of prison in case he was charged guilty.


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